American Socialism

When countries act in collusion to merge their corporations and government to dictate sociology, it is usually known as socialism.

I can remember when people such as Ralph Nader would make public argument in the late 1960s and early ’70s against mutual associations using political attacks against people in America that resulted in those people not being able to rent property, gain employment or live in their own country without intimidation and constant harassment.

Forcing people into starvation, prisons and programs of psychology has been the foundation of communism for centuries. What’s resulted from this act of collusion is that these people in America being attacked under this program of government have no human rights.

Surely you can’t think it’s the corporations rights to hold secret trails and maliciously prosecute people for things that aren’t even true so they can enhance and advocate their own political and financial agendas. Under our country’s laws, this kind of discourse against our citizens would be illegal and unconstitutional, but what we live under in America is anarchy and it hardly resembles its democratic roots.

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