Does America Owe The World An Apology ?

Do you ever wonder what objective a government assumes when they begin creating massive political advocacies for genocide.

Consider this !

American Eugenicists created the eugenics movement in Germany in the 1930’s by personally interacting , sending literature and promoting eugenics in their medical and scientific communities. Their forced sterilization programs in this era were contrived by America inspiration, thought and practice. Many German eugenics programs were developed and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation such as the one Josef Mengele attended before transferring to Auschwitz. American Eugenicists leader C. M. Goethe openly bragged about how American Eugenicists shaped and fortified the political , intellectual and public support that brought Adolph Hitler to power and control of Germany. The American Eugenicists Researcher Harry H. Laughlin bragged that it was his model of Eugenic Sterilization Laws that were implemented in the 1935 Nuremburg racial hygiene laws. He later received a doctorate from Germany for the science of racial cleansing at the anniversary of Hitler’s 1934 purge of the Jews from the Heidelberg faculty. A 1911 Carnegie Institute Report stated that our doctors had quietly implement variable programs of eugenic euthanasia to perform social cleansing in America.  

If you listen to John Loftus, ( in his video at the below blog ) a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor ) he stated that 150 people from 150 separate American companies stayed in Nazi Germany during the war and gave aid and comfort to the enemy – Not one of them were charged. He also stated that 70 percent of the funding that built the Nazi party came from Wall Street. At the end of the war the Rockefellers owned 31 percent of the Thyssen Group and Bush owned Union Bank – The Union Bank was the conduit for laundering the Rockefeller’s Nazi investments back to America and was owned by Prescott Bush through the Holland-American investment company.

So if the U.S. built the Nazi government and their programs of eugenics and used the entire process as a collaborated effort to control , trade with the enemy and give aid and comfort to the enemy for financial and political gain , shouldn’t they have to return all of the claimed neutral assets and default on all of the territory seized and be forced to remove their bases from Germany ?

It’s time these families , the U.S. government and these companies come forward and admit that they were wrong and be responsible.

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