Stop Loss Policy !

Is the military program of Stop Loss directly related to the repercussion of Watergate and should these policies be halted ?

When Mark Felt ( Deep Throat) leaked the information ( They Signed A System To Delete The Need For War into the Executive ) that a policy of war had been signed into our executive branch that would exclude certain members and sectors of our society from having to serve in the military, are the current policies of Stop Loss what they had in mind ?

Although the Stop Loss policy has some redeeming benefits, its long-term goals are mainly responsible for the fatigue and exhaustion of our current troops.

The personal effort in the military has become so desperate that you have some soldiers serving in war zones while taking psychological medications and sleeping pills. Considering the long- and short-term effects of this policy, it appears genocidal in nature and unfair to the military personnel that have so boldly volunteered to serve and defend our country.

Please take a minute and think about the people defending your nation and write your legislators and demand the program of Stop Loss be stopped.

Note The WARNER Un-Censored 1St editions of All The Presidents Men had also reported that we had inserted a Black Operational Government into our Government that was derived from Electronic and Psychological Warfare Experiments conducted in Vietnam and that they Signed A System To Delete The Need For War into the Executive

Note Of Interest –
Office of Policy Coordination

Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications, Second Edition
Peter S. Hall, University of Birmingham, and Yang Hao, Queen Mary College, University of London, Editors
From Artech House
Read Chapter One.

Suggested Article
Also worth note is the article ” Directed Energy ” by Fred Levien. Professor Fred Levien has taught and conducted research in EW and IW at the Naval Postgraduate School since 1990.JOURNAL NAME- Journal of Electronic Defense – VOL. 23 – NO. 11 – 2000-11-01 – PP. 43

Excuse Me, Is Your Tooth Ringing?
Lakshmi Sandhana


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