Support Our Troops !

Recently I read that one in every four homeless person is a veteran. If these people are under the same kind of political and social attacks that our Vietnam veterans had to endure, I’m pretty sure someone is confusing post-traumatic stress disorder with simple poor treatment by society and its institutions. Just because people seek social programs because of financial disparity doesn’t necessarily mean their problems stem from being a veteran, or that the problems are psychological. It just means that they have run out of alternatives and don’t understand why they are being systematically locked out of our system. This kind of mutual association has existed against our veterans since the Vietnam War and shouldn’t be compared with veterans from any earlier period. There’s certainly been a long political pattern that needs to be addressed through higher pay rates, better military benefits and a program of community support that doesn’t seek to degrade people because they are poor or outcasts. I’ve served with thousands of wartime veterans [and served as a Marine from 1980-1983], and I assure you that mainstream psychology and I have completely different opinions on what normal behavior is. Maybe it’s time we look inside our political system for a solution to this long continued injustice against the people who have protected and served our nation.

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