Christian Genocide In Syria

Recently the Obama administration has agreed to give $123 million in aid to the Syrian rebels which may include vehicles, body armor, night vision goggles and other defensive military supplies. These rebels Islamist have demanded that the Christians  convert, leave, or die and have stated that all Christians in these rebel territories will be cleansed. Currently their are close to 300,000 Christians living as refugees who have escaped persecution in Syria and other reports contend that the Christians are being used as human shields, that their churches and homes are being destroyed in terrorist attacks and that their being shot down in the street.   If these Islamists rebels win this war their will be no religious tolerance as  they have been provided by Assad. Currently there are Christian Groups from over 20 countries asking the UN to stop the genocide. All U.S. funding should be stopped to the rebels and we should be working harder with the UN to bring an immediate stop to the war and it’s programs of Jihad. This is really bad use of U.S. tax dollars.

Note – I understand the total refugee count is much higher. Some reports state it’s as high as a million people. 5/31/13/

Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official Monday, May 6, 2013

The U.S. Is Currently Funding Al Qaeda In Syria And Afghanistan –

Millions in CIA “ghost money” paid to Afghan president’s office: New York Times

Much of the money went to warlords and politicians, many with ties to the drug trade and in some cases the Taliban, the New York Times said. U.S. and Afghan officials were quoted as saying the CIA supported the same patronage networks that U.S. diplomats and law enforcement agents struggled to dismantle, leaving the government in the grip of organized crime.

Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra make it official

Syria crisis: Al-Nusra pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda

Syrian Rebels To Receive $123 Million More In Aid From United States

A Few Supporting News Items –

300,000 Christians Flee War, Persecution in Syria
Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Islamist Ultimatum to Syrian Christians: Convert, Leave, or Die
Friday, April 19th, 2013

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (Worthy News)– Christians are being targeted by Muslim rebels according to the Vatican and other sources amongst besieged Syrian Christian communities.

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (Worthy News)– Christians are being targeted by Muslim rebels according to the Vatican and other sources amongst besieged Syrian Christian communities.

News Aina

Russia delivers new al-Qaida warning to U.S. by Aaron Klein
TEL AVIV – Russia delivered to the Obama administration a list of the names of al-Qaida members among the Syrian rebels, who are receiving arms shipments coordinated by the U.S.
The arming of Syrian rebels is considered highly controversial. A major issue is the inclusion of jihadists, including al-Qaida, among the ranks of the Free Syrian Army and other Syrian opposition groups.


UN investigator suggests it was Syria’s rebels who used chemical weapons —
By Ariel Zirulnick
Rebel forces denied the claims by Carla Del Ponte. The UN commission she leads emphasized today that the investigators had not yet reached conclusive findings.
The woman leading the UN investigation into possible chemical weapon use in Syria said yesterday that witness and victim testimonies indicate that Syrian rebels likely used chemical weapons such as the nerve gas sarin.

It also found that millions of contracting dollars have ultimately ended up in the hands of the Taliban. As The Fiscal Times recently reported, the Pentagon did not have the required protocols in place to prevent 80 percent of all contracts from getting into the hands of the enemy.

The Taliban could be using U.S. tax dollars to kill American soldiers. The U.S. military has estimated that up to $360 million ended up in the hands of Taliban and criminal elements in Afghanistan over the past decade, according to a 2012 Associated Press report.

Newer News On Syria

Syria possessed 2.5 billion barrels of crude oil as of January 2013, which makes it the largest proved reserve of crude oil in the eastern Mediterranean according to the Oil & Gas Journal estimate, Besides Iraq.
Syria still controls one of the largest conventional hydrocarbon resources in the eastern Mediterranean.

So what was this unfolding strategy to undermine Syria and Iran all about? According to retired NATO Secretary General Wesley Clark, a memo from the Office of the US Secretary of Defense just a few weeks after 9/11 revealed plans to “attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years”, starting with Iraq and moving on to “Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.” In a subsequent interview, Clark argues that this strategy is fundamentally about control of the region’s vast oil and gas resources.
Much of the strategy currently at play was candidly described in a 2008 US Army-funded RAND report, Unfolding the Future of the Long War (pdf). The report noted that “the economies of the industrialized states will continue to rely heavily on oil, thus making it a strategically important resource.” As most oil will be produced in the Middle East, the US has “motive for maintaining stability in and good relations with Middle Eastern states”:

UN’s Ban casts doubt on legality of US plans to punish Syria
“The use of force is lawful only when in exercise of self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations charter and/or when the Security Council approves of such action,” Ban said. “That is a firm principle of the United Nations.”

Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible ?
In a conflict as conscious of the importance of communication as the Syrian Civil War, do citizen journalists wait an hour and a half before reporting an enormous development–the point at which, as Kerry put it, “all hell broke loose in the social media”? Unless there’s some reason to expect this kind of a delay, it’s very unclear why we should think there’s any connection at all between the allegedly observed rocket launches and the later reports of mass poisoning.

Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack !
Syrian rebels in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta have admitted to Associated Press correspondent Dale Gavlak that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident which western powers have blamed on Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, revealing that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia.

Intelligence panels cut off aid to Syrian rebels by restricting funds !
House and Senate Intelligence panel members have voted to block President Obama from arming Syrian rebels, committee insiders told The Hill. They did so by placing severe restrictions on funding.
Lawmakers made their decision last month for fear that the administration plan would let weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups, such as the many linked to al Qaeda.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda
By John Loftus, Jewish Community News 4/10/06

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